September 1, 2008

Sacrifice to the weather gods?

What exactly do I have to sacrifice to the weather gods to make the near 24/7 cloud cover go away? Its just getting silly now. Its been the gloomiest August on record (cloud cover), with some parts of the UK have had the wettest August on record.

Not that the skies havent been clear…. we have have plenty of glorious mornings, and fantastic evenings… but as soon as it gets anywhere near dark, the cloud cover rolls in, and stays there until the sun comes up, at which point it occasionally rolls out again. Since my session on the 2nd August, the nearest thing I have had to a clear night this month was a few hours on Saturday 30th August, with a cloud bank rolling over 2-3 hours before midnight, and leaving at about 3-4am. Not that it would have helped, as I was at a wedding near Stockton-on-Tees, which was 100% cloud cover all night.

The problem is that the pressure graphs for northern europe look like the ones for December, with storm pattern after storm pattern rolling in, one after the other, and passing straight over the UK. Normally they pass north of us, pushed out by the high pressure from the Azores, but it hasnt happened this year. So not only do we have this converyor belt of storm patterns coming in, they are large and swollen with water vapour from the Atlantic, making them overlap with each other. At least in winter we get some break between the storms!

So, here I sit, watching the depressing weather forecasts that always say “clear skies tomorrow” but when we get there, it cloudy again, but promising clear skies tomorrow again. When will this ever end? Over the course of this year, I am down to 1/3rd of my sessions compared to 2007. I think I`ll take up stamp collecting, or knitting, or just standing outside at night, cursing at the weather gods until they reaslise that this is not funny anymore!

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