February 24, 2007

Getting started

After a disgraceful 3 years of it sitting in my spare room, I finally got the Meade ETX90 out and started using it. This was mostly prompted by a friend of mine called “G” who posted some images of his (and others) onto a newsgroup I read, which spurred me on to get out there and use the kit.

I never thought it would be quite as addictive as it is. The first few times out were a very steep learning curve, working out how to align the scope, level it, find true north, doing the star alignment, but the first time it “all comes together” and you can select an object on the GOTO handset and it appears in the eyepiece is just amazing 🙂

Shortly afterwards, the spending started. Its all very well being able to view celestial objects with your own eyes, but when someone asks you what you did last night, just saying you ad seen the moon or Saturn or a DSO just doesnt convey the experience to anyone else. So, while I was in California, I managed to pick up some items (at half the UK price!). Starry Night Pro Plus 6, which makes life for an Astro-Noob like me very easy, and a Meade LPI camera so I can take images of the moon and the planets to show people.

So, here I am, learning quietly by myself, and enjoying every moment of it 🙂

EDIT: The day after I purchased the LPI, I was offered a Meade DSI-C for a great price, and snapped that up. Thanks “G” 🙂

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February 1, 2007

First post

I`ll get posting just as soon as I can work out what the hell I am doing here 🙂

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