March 17, 2014

An end of some sort…

As you can see by the woeful number of updates recently, my interest in astronomy has pretty much disappeared. Lives change, priorities change, interests come and go, and there is no point in doing something if it is no longer interesting and fun. I think the biggest issues that wore me down was the constant fight with the cloud cover, and that the actual challenge of obtaining enough good data to improve the images I was creating. My partial OCD allowed me to set up every time, plug it all in, and it would work without an issue (much to the annoyance of others). Knowing that I couldn’t do much more to get better data (other than throwing more money at better OTAs or moving to somewhere like New Mexico) made me realise that I had come about as far as I could come, and suddenly the challenge of getting all the kit talking to each other and working was not enough to sustain the interest.

I still look up at the sky when its clear, see some familiar friends passing overhead across the sky, but at no point in a long time have I had the urge to grab all the kit and set it up for a session…. and so its time to close this blog. Well, when I say “close”, I really mean just stop posting to it in any way, not that any/many will notice this change give the lack of any updates anyway. I`ll be taking a look at my astronomy kit this weekend, ensuring it all works OK, and then pricing it all up for sale in the near future. A couple of bits need to go back to First Light Optics, who have helped me immensely over the year, supplying me with scopes and cameras to help push that edge required for improving image data, but I would imagine all the rest will get sold in the near future.

It has been fun over the years, but now its time to move on.

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