January 9, 2008

NGC2237 Rosette Rework

After the excitement had worn off from my first light, I had the chance to take a closer look at the images the Hyperstar had spat out. One thing that stood out was that the stars were always big and blobby, and detract from the DSO itself. After trying various different ways to reduce the star sizes (without much result!), it was a comment from Noel Carboni on another forum said that triggered a little lateral thinking. Up until now I have always processed my images as one, but if I wanted to reduce the star sizes, I needs to work on the stars as a seperate entity. I had a play with this idea quickly last night, and the results from those briefs tests showed some real promise.

As such, I have just spent my lunchbreak reworking my original image from scratch. Compare this image to the one posted two messages below:

(Click on image for the HUGE version)

Personally I like this version much better. The stars are still there, but far less obtrusive.

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