January 3, 2008

Heart and Soul Ha(HaR)GB Mosaic

Managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of RGB imaging lastnight between cloud banks. I had nearly forgotten which end of the scope to look through…

Just a first-pass quick mosaic of Heart and Soul, with RGB and Ha data. On closer inspection, I`m not 100% happy with this, still some odd gradients in it, some colour shift in the stars, and a mismatched background colour, but its good enough for now. Maybe I`ll come back to it later.

OTA: William Optics ZenithStar 66 SD + 0.8 FR/FF
Guiding: NS8GPS @ f/10 + DSI-C + PHD
RGB Imaging: QHY8 + MaximDL, 10 x 900s + 8 x 900s, CLS filter
Ha Imaging: QHY8 + MaximDL, 2 x (8 x 900s), Astronomik Ha 13nm
Stacked: DeepSkyStacker
Post Process: ImagesPlus + PSCS2 + Noel Carboni’s AstroTools

(Click on image for larger version)

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