September 11, 2007

M15, M27, M31

Finally got out of the “DSLR” mindset of worrying about hot pixels, and went the whole hog on long exposures with my QHY8 last night. All went well, other than me kicking the USB cable during one of the M27 subs which caused PHD to go nuts, and wondering why my 4×4 binning repeat focus was creating trails (looked down, saw one of my cats rubbing themselves against the tripod in an attempt to catch my attention).

Right, first up…

All images taken with:

Camera: QHY8
OTA: NexStar 8 GPS @ f/10 (2000mm)
Guiding: PHD + DSI-C + WO66 piggyback
Imaging: MaximDL
Stacked: DSS
Tweaked: PSCS2 + Noels Tools

10 x 300 seconds (Gain 20, Offset 120)
(Ignore the stray line across the top of the image)

7 x 900 seconds (Gain 20, Offset 120) – lost one sub to the kicked USB incident 🙂
Note: I think this one may be approaching the “over processed” limit

12 x 300 Seconds (Gain 20, Offset 130)
(Ignore the stray line across the top of the image)
Note: This one was imaged with the WO66, while the NS8GPS was guiding
This one REALLY IS over processed, I know that… it turned noisey, but I`m so tired that I have no energy to go back and start again

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