July 18, 2007

M57 (again)

Another M57, another evening of problems (almost all self induced*)… but it was clear, and the skies were darker than I last remember 🙂

Scope: Celestron NexStar 8 GPS @ f/10
Camera: Canon 350D (unmodded)
Guiding: OAG + PHD + DSI
Imaging: 3 frames (300s @ ISO800), 2 darks (see below*), ImagesPlus Camera control v3 beta, DeepSkyStacker, PSCS + Noel’s Tools

*Problems included:- the NS8GPS being powered down for so long that the GPS wouldnt link for 30 minutes and the handset started playing up
– saving the images as jpg (8bit… doh!)
– gently nudging/kicking the tripod during the last image, hence the slight trailing
– the Canon batteries dying halfway through my dark taking

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