January 20, 2008

M42 and IC1396 in Ha

Had a couple of evenings out in the last week, both were cut short by clouds, but it gave me a chance to try the Hyperstar system with Ha imaging, and also started using flats for the first time. No details on these images because they were both just a test.

First up was M42. It has some strange gradients that I couldnt get rid of, probably from the next door neighbour’s bathroom light streaming into the front of the OTA. Oh well..

Next up, IC1396 on an INCREDIBLY windy/blustery night. The autoguiding was getting incredibly upset. And I also forgot to check collimation on the Hyperstar, and sadly it was a long way out. Despite all that, I did get some reasonable data, and also I took some flats for the first time. The diference was incredible. All the odd gradients I have fought against just disappeared.

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