May 30, 2007

M13 on a DSLR

Last night, after an appalling 10 days or so of rain and cloud, the skies cleared (and all the rain had taken the haze/dust out of the atmosphere). It was time to test the Canon 350D for the first time. Well, OK, not really the first time, but shooting images across the room to get used to DSLRFocus doesnt count 🙂

I`m mightly impressed with this image.

– Taken on an AltAz platform (20 second subs max… 25 second shows star trails)
– Celestron 8 GPS, Canon 350D (unmodded), unguided
– 20 x 20sec subs, f/10, ISO1600, dark frame removal in camera
– Stacked with Deep Sky Stacker
– Tweaked in Photoshop CS (curves, gamma, Noel’s Actions)

A few things I learned from last night:

  • I need a wedge ASAP to allow me longer subs
  • ISO1600 is a bit grainy, but I needed it because of the 20 second sub limit (before star trails)
  • Keep my flight cases closed, or else the cats get interested and cover everything in fur
  • Now compare it with the image below, taken with the same OTA, but using a Meade DSI-C.

    No contest!

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