May 14, 2007

Recent Weather + SGL Star Party

The weather recently (i.e the last month) has been awful overnight. Its either been clear during the day and cr_p overnight or cr_ap during the day and overnight. I just havent had a decent night for what seems like forever. The only reasonable night recently was when I was so tired that I was asleep by 8.30pm.

I have all these new toys to play with, and had no chance to use them due to the weather. I now have :

  • Dew Shield (Hell, after Kelling Heath, it was at the top of my list)
  • Canon 350D + T-adapter + T-ring
  • Piggyback camera mount
  • Meade illuminated reticule (the first one didnt work, but got it swapped instanty when I took it back)
  • HD Wedge + adjuster kit
  • I now also have a decent (new) lapop to use, all configued and installed with the software I require for work and for my Astro stuff, so I am desperate to get some clear skies soon.

    Went to the Star Gazers Lounge star party over the weekend, located in deepest darkest Wales. And true to form, it absolutely chucked it down with horizontal rain for (almost) the whole weekend. Got to meet some of the members of the forums, eat some fantastic cooked breakfast, but had to leave early due to problems back at work. The weather did clear a couple of hours on Saturday night aparantly, but I was already back home by that point. I did manage to collect a pair of Bresser 10×50 binos from SGL member Outlash (from Lidl stores, only £10!)… hey, for 10 quid, they are amazing 🙂

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