May 21, 2008

Published Images

Here are the images that I have been lucky enough to have published in various magazines. The most recent images are at the top of the page.

Widefield Orion’s Sword in HaRGB
** APOD, October 5th 2010 **

M13 from SGL5 Star Party
Sky at Night, October 2010

M31 from kelling, September 2009
Astronomy Now May 2010

Heart and Soul Nebula
Sky at Night CD Rom Disc Issue 57 February 2009
(SX H36 Camera kindly supplied by Paxo, making this a joint published image!!)

North American Nebula
Sky at Night Magazine. Issue 55 December 2009

Carina Nebula
Sky at Night Magazine No.54 Issue November 2009

M42/M43/NGC1977 (Redit #2)
Magazine: Sky at Night, RGO Astrophotographer of the year article (p68), April 2009

Name: M42
Magazine: Sky at Night, January 2009


Name: M27 Dumbell
Magazine: Sky at Night, November 2008


Name: Markarian’s Chain
Magazine: Sky at Night, June 2008

Name: IC2177 Ha
Magazine: Practical Astronomer, May 2008

Name: Rosette NGC2237
Magazine: Sky at Night, April 2008
Also chosen for Sky at Night’s 2009 Calendar (July)

Name: M42/M43/NGC1977
Magazine: Practical Astronomy, February 2008

Name: Rosette NGC2237, Ha
Magazine: Practical Astronomer, January 2008

Name: M45 Pleiades
Magazine: Sky at Night Coverdisc, January 2008

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