May 19, 2008

M16 Ha taken via GRAS

This image was taken over the weekend while I was down in Selsey, working on Sir Patrick Moore’s Observatory/Roll-Off-Roof shed project.

10 x 600s, Ha Filter, TAK TOA-150, SBIG ST-10XME

(Click on image for larger version)

It was quite difficult to get this image… it was daylight in Selsey, and I was stuffing myself with a lush bacon and fried bread breakfast at the time 🙂
OK, so I rented some scope time from Global Rent-A-Scope (GRAS) last week, and finally got to use it on Sunday morning. GRAS is all web based, so I logged in, chose the rig I wanted to use (GRAS003, located in New Mexico), chose the target, the filter, the number and length of the subs, and set it going. After the imaging run had completed, I downloaded my FITs light files, and the pre-created darks/bias/flats, and then stacked and post processed. Yes, it really was that easy.

My own thoughts on this:

Did I actually learn anything or progress my own experience by using GRAS? No

Will I be using it again? Yes, definitely!

Under what circumstances would I use it again?

  • Southern Hemisphere Targets
  • If its been cloudy for weeks and weeks and I`m getting stir crazy!
  • UK summer meaning longer days and short (or non-existant) dark nights
  • Target/Mosaic investigation for future imaging runs of my own at home (mostly stuff in the East that I am unable to see for several months yet, due to the house blocking the sky almost up to the Zenith)

I am also curious to see what come up with when that goes live very shortly.

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