May 13, 2008

USA Dark Clear skies

Just thought I`d post some of the better astro related shots I managed to take while away in the USA for 2 weeks. These were all taken with my unmodded 350d on a normal camera tripod, so excuse any trails that you might see

OK, for starters, this was how clear the sky was in Death Valley (the sun is hiding behind my fingers), and it was a bit hazy that day.


When the sun went down, the sky was black… and I do mean completely black! This following image was made up from a few 15 second exposures stacked together, but absolutely no light pollution or gradient removal has been applied… and this was taken from the middle of the lawn area at hotel complex at Stove Pipe Wells.

(Click on image for larger version)

(Click on image for larger version)

The image below was supposed to be a single “star trail” image at ISO100 for 20 minutes, but had to be cut short when the lawn sprinklers fired off at 11pm and I had to retreat rapidly with the camera and tripod

Later in the trip, we stopped at Sedona (Arizona). Again, no light pollution or gradient removal is applied.

(Click on image for larger version)

and then this one, also from Sedona, needed a little light pollution and gradient removal, but only because of the location of the bright light in the image causing some issues:

(Click on image for larger version)

Of the 14 nights I had over there, only 3 were cloudy, and one of those was at Las Vegas and the sky was orange anyway! I was also pleased to see that even as we march onto towards the summer months, sunset was early due to their more southerly location… sunset at 7.15-8.00pm (depending on location), and “astrodark” in 90 minutes or so. Then I come back to the UK and get a nasty shock when I find out just how late it gets dark here

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