March 27, 2008

Never ending clouds… grr!!

Any other UK based astro-imagers out there getting more than just a bit fed up with the amount of cloud cover we are experiencing (especially in the east of the country)? In the 3+ weeks since my last imaging session, I have seen clear dark skies for no more than an hour in any one go. The weather forecasts are depressingly accurate, with clear sky periods during the day, and as soon as the sun thinks about heading towards the horizon, the thick cloud banks roll in, covering the sky with a thick blanket of the grey stuff, usually accompanied by heavy rain and howling winds…. or even snow!

I hope its clear for at least one night at the Kelling Heath Spring Star Party next weekend. I really dont enjoy the whole camping experience, its something I endure for the sake of getting away to dark skies, but if its cloudy/rainy for the entire 5 days I am there, I think I will lose the plot totally.

Frustrated of Cambridge

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