February 12, 2008

IC 443/IC444 in Ha, and an ISS/STS-122 moon pass

Well, it appears that last night was the last of the current clear spell in the east of the UK. Tonight is forecast with mist and fog, and tomorrow the rainclouds start to roll in again. I can’t complain though, 4 clear nights in a row, 3 of which I was out imaging.

I`ve been after IC443 for a while, but its always been low down on my list. As it happens, I also managed to get IC444 in the image, so I am pretty pleased with this one.

OTA: NS8GPS @ f/2 (Hyperstar v3)
Guiding: William Optics ZenithStar 66 SD + DSI-C + PHD
RGB Imaging: QHY8 + MaximDL, 20×900s, Astronomik 13nm Ha
Stacked: DeepSkyStacker (2xdrizzle)
Post Process: ImagesPlus (2xbin) + PSCS2 + Noel Carboni’s AstroTools

(Click on image for larger version)

While waiting for it to get really dark, I managed to take this image for the ISS + STS-122 passing just south of the moon just before 19:00 GMT (image is a composite of three seperate frames, hence the breaks in the line)

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