October 21, 2007

NGC2024 (Flame Neb) and B33 (Horsehead Neb)

Not knowing how long the clear spells will last (nor if there were any stray clouds on their way last night because the Met Office Sat pics went t*tsup), I just stayed out until the sky turned light… I think the processing went well, considering I`ve been awake for 32+ hours now..

Anyway, here we go:

OTA: William Optics ZenithStar 66 SD
Guide: NS8GPS@f/10 + DSI-C + PHD
Capture: 18 x 600s, QHY8, CLS Filter
Processing: DeepSkyStacker, PSCS2 + Noels Astro Tools.

Ready for this? Now you know why I`m still awake….

(Click on the image for a larger version!)

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